You can easily embed a Pinterest profile, board or individual pins by pasting their URL into posts and pages.

You embed from Pinterest as follows:

1. Copy the profile, board or individual pins URL from your web browser’s address bar.

2. Go to Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New.

Add New Post

3. Paste the URL on a line by itself in your post/page editor.



The link must be on its own line without any characters or whitespaces before or after the URL and must not be hyperlinked otherwise it won’t embed.

You can tell if a URL is hyperlinked by clicking on the link. If the hyperlink button in the toolbar highlights and a link box with the option to edit appears, like the screenshot below, it means your link is hyperlinked.

Click on Remove Link icon to remove the hyperlink.

Click on Remove Link

It also won’t embed if your Pinterest URL is https or includes your geographical location in the URL.