Plugins extend and expand the functionality of your site.

To Activate a Plugin:

1. Go to Plugins > All in your dashboard

2. Click on Activate on the plugin you want to use.

3. Some plugins have an administration page where you can set options specific for that plugin.

  • Most plugins with configuration options add a new item under the Settings menu.
  • Some plugins also add widgets to Appearance > Widgets
  • Refer to their Plugin Help for more information.
  • You should always test a plugin once you’ve activated the plugin to see how it works and then deactivate the plugin if you don’t intend to use.

4. To switch off a plugin click Deactivate

All plugins installed have been thoroughly tested and customized to ensure they are compatible and don’t cause problems. You can’t upload or add any plugins to your blog.  All plugins must be added by our team.

Please email support if there is a plugin whose features you feel would benefit other users.