Press This is a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser’s toolbar and use to quickly share text, images or videos from any website via a post from your blog without having to visit your dashboard.

You just click on the Press This bookmarklet in your browser toolbar when you see something you want to publish from your site!


You install the Press This bookmarklet as follows:

1. Go to Tools > Available Tools 

2. Enable your Bookmarks toolbar or Favorites bar in your web browser.

Bookmarks toolbar (Chrome and FireFox) or favorites bar (Internet Explorer) 

3. Drag the Press This bookmarklet to the bookmarks/favorites area of your web browser.


You use Press This follows:

1. Highlight the text, images, or videos you want to quote.

2. Click on the Press This button in your browser toolbar.

3. A pop-up publishing window will appear.

4. Now all you have to do is change your title, add your own text, categories, tags.

Videos and images from the page appear above the post editor.

You can add these to your post by placing the cursor where you want to insert them and then clicking on the image thumbnail or video thumbnail you want to add.

5. Click Save Draft to save the post or Publish to share immediately.

6. Press This automatically adds a link to the original source.