Majority of our themes allow you to customized the background of your site by uploading an image or selecting a color.

Changing your theme background means you can obtain a much more customized look and feel adding your “own personal touch” to your site.


1. Go to Appearance > Customize in your dashboard.

Or click on ‘Customize‘ under the active theme.

2. Click on Background Image in the Customizer.

  • If you don’t see the Background Header section in the Customizer it means the theme doesn’t support this option.

3. Click on Add new image.

4. Choose an image from your media library or upload a new image from your computer.

  • Only .jpeg, .gif, and .png files can be used.

5. Click on Choose Image.

Once you have selected an image the background image options will appear:

  • Background repeat: controls if the background image is repeated. Choices are:
    • No Repeat -background image is only displayed once on the page.
    • Tile – background image is tiled horizontally and vertically.
    • Tile horizontally – the background image only repeats horizontally.
    • Tiled vertically – the background image only repeats vertically.
  • Background position: allows you to control the position of the background image. Options are left, center and right.
  • Background attachment: determines if you want the image to scroll with the content or to remain ‘fixed’ in place when a reader scrolls down the page.

For best results, we recommend you use Tile, left and Scroll.

6. Your new background image should appear in your site preview window.

7. Click Save & Publish on the Customizer to activate the new background on your site.


If you no longer want to use a background image you click on Remove under the background image in the Customizer and then click Save & Publish.


1. Go to Appearance > Customize in your dashboard.

Or click on ‘Customize‘ under the active theme.

2. Click on Colors in the Customizer.

2. Click on Select Color under background color.

3. Select the color you want to use from the color options or add the exact hexadecimal value of the color you would like to use.

4. The Preview window updates as you select a color so you can see what the color looks like on your site.

5. Click Save & Publish when you are happy with the color you’ve selected.


If you no longer want to use a background color you click on the Clear icon then Save & Publish. 

  • The background image always appears on the top of the background color if you have uploaded a background image and set a background color. The background color appears through any transparent areas of the background image or if you have tiled the image horizontally or vertically.
  • Background color or image will override any custom background CSS edits you make editing CSS.
  • Some themes have other theme customization options for changing background colors. These types of themes add a theme option menu item under Appearance once the theme is activated. To do more extensive customization you just need to go to Appearance > Theme Options.